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Highlights Week 12

Division 1 :- In the top of the table clash, Greyhound, thanks to 18 points from John Wilson and 15 from Mal Collier, overcame Unison, all of whose players registered double figure scores. As a result Turks Head Sinners move into second place after beating Newburgh Lions; Bill Gerrard scored an impressive 21 points for the winners.  17 points from Paul McAteer and 16 from Sue Perks ensured Robin Hood’s comfortable win over Colly Wobblers. Despite 19 points from Eric Lupton, Rugby Hounds lost to Scarecrows. 

Division 2 :-Ormskirk Tennis Club stay on top after beating Helenians; Sarah Lawton (17) and Paul Prior (15) top scored for the winners while Mike Flaherty added 13 to Helenians’ score. 15 points from Barbara Flaherty and 14 from Mike Critchley greatly helped Turks Head Saints to a victory over Aughton Institute. Ormskirk Theatre Company, for whom Gordon Richards scored 15 and Alan Thompson 13, overcame Bispham Eagles; Jim Dawber scored 12 for Bispham. 15 points from Rob Green greatly enabled Benchwarmers’ win over Hayfield Gang, for whom Rob Jones scored 13. 

Change of Venue

Ormskirk Tennis Club have left the Dog & Gun. They will play home games at the Buck i'th' Vine temporarily.

Highlights Week 11

Division 1 :-  Greyhound strengthened their place at the top of the table after a convincing win over Robin Hood; John Wilson scored 20 (and a full house) for the winners and Sue Perks 15 for  Robin Hood.   21 points from Jim Maloney and 18 from David Sinclair ensured Newburgh Lions’ win over Scarecrows, for whom Janet Crompton scored 16. In a game where the lead changed several times Colly Wobblers emerged victorious against Rugby Hounds, for whom Eric Lupton scored 18.

Division 2 :-An impressive 24 points from Gordon Richards earned Ormskirk Theatre Company a victory over league leaders Ormskirk Tennis Club, for whom Paul Prior scored16.   Turks Head Saints remain second after their win over Bispham Eagles; Barbara Flaherty (16) and Clive Walton (14) scored well for the winners, while Jim Dawber added 12 to the Eagles score. 15 points from Alf Westwell and 14 from Bob Foster helped Helenians overcome Benchwarmers, for whom Rob Green scored 18. Aughton Institute and Hayfield Gang drew their game; top scorers were Matt Cochrane (13) for Hayfield and Dave Berrington (12) for Aughton. In a match postponed in week 4 Bispham Eagles beat Turks Head Saints thanks to 14 from Jim Dawber and 13 from Peter Cottis; Clive Walton scored 13 for Saints.

Highlights Week 10

Division 1 :-  In the top of the table clash Greyhound, for whom John Wilson scored 19, beat Turks Head Sinners and strengthened their position at the top of the table.  Despite 18 points from Janet Crompton, Scarecrows lost to Unison, who move into second place.  In a close game throughout, Colly Wobblers emerged victorious against Newburgh Lions. 17 points from Sue Perks and 16 from Mike Preston greatly helped Robin Hood to a win over Rugby Hounds, for whom Eric Lupton scored 15.

Division 2 :- Ormskirk Tennis Club stay top after beating Bispham Eagles; Paul Prior (14), Sarah Lawton (13) and Keith Mountain (13) scored well for the winners. Turks Head Saints consolidated second place with a win over Hayfield Gang; Barbara Flaherty (17), Kevin Walton (14) and Clive Walton (13) top scored for the winners while Matt Cochrane and Rob Jones both scored 12 for the Gang. Ormskirk Theatre Company had a comfortable victory over Benchwarmers; Alan Thompson (17), Gordon Richards (15) and Lynn Hawkes (12) top scored for the Theatre Company while Mike Wall added 14 points to Benchwarmers score. Helenians, thanks to 16 points each from Bob Foster and Mike Flaherty beat Aughton Institute. 

Brain of Britain

Darren Martin is in the semi final which will be broadcast tomorrow at 3pm on BBC Radio 4.

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