Ormskirk Quiz League

A member of the Merseyside Quiz Leagues

The Yew Tree
74 Grimshaw Lane
Ormskirk L39 1PE

07739 339631

The Yew Tree in Ormskirk : Pubs Galore

Secretary   Sarah Lawton

Home night  Monday 

2006  Joined the league playing at the Dog & Gun

2007-08  Winner Handicap League

2009-10  Winner Handicap Knockout

               Runner up Charity League

2010-11  Runner up Division 2

               Winner Handicap League

2011-12  Runner up Handicap Knockout

2012-13  Runner up Division 2

               Runner up Charity League

2013-14  Winner Handicap League

2014  Moved to Ormskirk Tennis Club

2015-16  Runner up Handicap League

2016-17 Winner Division 2

              Winner Mini League 2A

              Winner Charity League

2017-18 Winner Mini League 1B

              Runner up Charity League

2018-19 Runner up Handicap League

2021      Moved to the Hayfield 

2021-22 Runner up Division 2

2022      Moved back to the Dog & Gun 

2023      Moved to the Yew Tree

2022-23 Runner up Division 2

              Runner up Handicap Knockout Plate