Ormskirk Quiz League

A member of the Merseyside Quiz Leagues

Produced jointly by MQL and Radio Merseyside this competition began as 'Heads You Win' and after a hiatus of one season became 'Merseyquiz' in 1986. Janet Barker, Neville Cohen and Peter Deakin wrote the questions for MQL. Bob Azurdia asked the questions. In the early years many programmes were recorded as Outside Broadcasts in front of an audience. It was reported that the final in 1973 was attended by 300 at St Elizabeth’s Club Litherland. From 1978 teams that finished third in their divisions were invited to compete. The final programme was often a challenge match between the winner of the series and the winner from the previous season, or between the series winner and a Radio Merseyside team.

Ormskirk winners were:-

Heads You Win

1972-1973 Red Lion Burscough 

1977-1978  Hoscar Tavern C 

1984-1985  Ropers Arms


1986-1987  Rex Lions

1987- 1988 Challenge Rex Lions winner

1988-1989  Challenge Rex Lions retained

1989-1990  Challenge Rex Lions retained