Ormskirk Quiz League

A member of the Merseyside Quiz Leagues

Handicap Knockout Handicap Knockout Plate
  Winner Runner Up Winner Runner Up
2021-22 Helenians Turks Head Sinners Turks Head Saints Benchwarmers
2020-21 Season cancelled   Season cancelled  
2019-20 Not completed Not completed Not played Not played
2018-19 Legion Lions Rugby Hounds Bispham Farmers Arms Squigglers
2017-18 Abbey Sinners Squigglers Abbey Saints Colly Wobblers
2016-17 Squigglers Colly Wobblers Ormskirk Theatre Company  Aughton Institute
2015-16 Aughton Institute Red Lion Bulldogs Unison Abbey Sinners
2014-15    Red Lion Bulldogs Unison Rugby Hounds Abbey Sinners
2013-14 Aughton Institute Abbey Saints Colly Wobblers Unison
2012-13 Parbold Exiles Whippet Red Lion (Burscough) Colly Wobblers
2011-12 Colly Wobblers Ormskirk Tennis Club    Whippet Aughton Institute
2010-11 Aughton Institute FUQT Abbey Saints Unison Wheatsheaf
2009-10 Ormskirk Tennis Club Abbey Saints Wheatsheaf Colliers Arms
2008-09 Not played Not played    
2007-08 The Lion (Burscough)      
2006-07 Top Nogs      
2005-06 Queen Inn      
2004-05 Abbey Saints Top Nogs    
2003-04 Old Dog Queen Inn    
2002-03 Top Nogs      
2001-02 Queen Inn      
2000-01 Newburgh Lions Windmill     
1999-00 Rex Lions Prince Albert     
1998-99 Greyhound      
1997-98 Rex Lions Prince Albert    
1996-97 Queen Inn Ormskirk Farmers     
1995-96 Bogeymen Greyhound     
1994-95 Rex Lions Newburgh Lions     
1993-94 Ashworth SC Helenians     
1992-93 Another Fine Mess LSH    
1991-92 Follies Ropers Arms    
1990-91 Rex Lions LSH    
1989-90 Prince Albert Old Dog    
1988-89 Rex Lions Prince Albert     
1987-88 Old Dog Wheatsheaf     
1986-87 Rex Lions Queen Inn    
1985-86 Newburgh Lions Farmers Arms    
1984-85 Ropers Arms Prince Albert    
1983-84 Furrows Victorians    
1982-83 Old Dog Windmill    
1981-82 Comrades Prince Albert?    
1980-81 Prince Albert Moss Side Hospital SRC    
1979-80 Ropers Arms Helenians    
1978-79 Skelmersdale CC Victorians    
1977-78 Hoscar Tavern Originals Red Lion (Newburgh)