Ormskirk Quiz League

A member of the Merseyside Quiz Leagues


1985 Chris Rowe won first round match

1991 Andy Francis runner up  The life and career of Erwin Rommel   British postage stamps 1840-1980

2005 Pat Gibson winner  The films of Quentin Tarantino   The Culture novels by Iain M Banks     Father Ted

         Anthony Martin (after he had left Ormskirk)

2014 Alan Gibbs One Hit Wonders

2015 Barbara Flaherty Harry Potter

2022 Matt Cochrane British and Irish women astronomers

Andy Page (2003) and Gary Grant (2012) had not become Ormskirk players when they won.

Champion of Champions

2010 Pat Gibson winner  Pixar animated films     Great mathematicians

         Andy Page  Arrested Development

Fifteen to One

1988  Series 1  Mal Collier reached the Grand Final

1988  Series 2  Mal Collier  winner

1989  Series 3  Mal Collier  Top of the Leader Board

                        Anthony Martin won his heat

                        Peter Richardson won his heat

                        Andy Francis won his heat

                        Ray Lomas

1989  Series 4  Andy Francis winner

1990  Series 5  Anthony Martin  winner  Top of the Leader Board

1991  Series 8  Anthony Martin  winner 

1993  Series 11 Anthony Martin  winner 

2014 New series 1 Arthur Heyes missed out on Grand Final in a tiebreak

2014 New series 2 Dot Heyes

2015 New series 4 Alan Gibbs reached Grand Final

2017 New series 7 Darren Martin second in Grand Final

Champion of Champions

1997  Mal Collier  winner

         Andy Francis third

         Anthony Martin

Only Connect

Series 3  Alan Gibbs  winner in a team called Gamblers

Series 4  Gary Grant  runner-up in a team called Radio Addicts (before he became an Ormskirk player)

Series 13 John Wilson finalist in a team called Vikings

Who Wants to be a Millionaire

2004 Pat Gibson winner

2020 One episode in a short series about winners featured Pat Gibson

Are You an Egghead?

2008 Janet Crompton

         Pat Gibson

2009 Pat Gibson winner

         Janet Crompton


2009 Pat Gibson became an Egghead

2012 Three members of Squigglers (Brian Fitton, Eric Ray, Magnus Brass) in a team called The Old Codgers

2023 John Wilson won a share of £13000 in a team called Greek Geekers

Krypton Factor

1979 Series 3 Peter Richardson winner (Known as United Kingdom Super Person of the Year)

University Challenge

1981-1982 Bob Woodcock for the Open University

Quiz Night

1987-1988 Ropers Arms reached the quarter final

Sale of the Century

1986-87 Peter Richardson - Australian version

1987-88 Peter Richardson - Australian version


1988 Mark Turner winner of a holiday in Hong Kong

         Janet Crompton


1990 Charles Johnson and Alan Wynne playing as Consorts


1989 Alan Wynne (who later appeared on Quiz Night after he had left Ormskirk)

Battle of the Brains

2008  Eric Lupton

Today's The Day

1995-1996  Jim Maloney and Julian Worker winners

Busman's Holiday

1985 Janet Crompton in a team with Sharon Goodhead from Warrington League


1985-1986 Eagle and Child

1986 Janet Crompton in a team with Sharon Goodhead from Warrington League

The Great British Quiz

1995 Rex Lions

The Chase

2011 Phil Duffy won £7500

2017 Steve Pilkington won £12500

2018 Bill Gerrard

Britain's Brightest

2013 Alan Gibbs finalist

Hive Minds

2015 Alan Gibbs in a team called Mavericks


2010 Phil Duffy and Peter Duffy shared £12250

2017 Andrew Sackville


2012 Andy Page won a heat

         Alan Gibbs

         Madeline Evans

Quiz Master

A one-off ITV show for winners of five other shows in December 2019 won by Pat Gibson.

Brain of Britain

1991 Mal Collier finalist

2006 Pat Gibson  winner

2013 Darren Martin third

2018 Paul Prior won his heat and reached the semi final

         Darren Martin

2019 Gary Grant reached the semi final

2022 Darren Martin reached the semi final

Radio Merseyside Heads You Win

1972-1973 Red Lion Burscough winner

1977-1978  Hoscar Tavern C winner

Radio Merseyside Merseyquiz

1984-1985  Ropers Arms winner

                   Farmers Arms

1986-1987  Rex Lions winner

1987- 1988 Challenge Rex Lions winner

1988-1989  Challenge Rex Lions retained

1989-1990  Challenge Rex Lions retained

1990-1991 Ormskirk Rugby Club