Ormskirk Quiz League

A member of the Merseyside Quiz Leagues

Turks Head
49-51 Morley Street
St. Helens
WA10 2DQ
01744 751289


Secretary Barbara Flaherty

Home night  Monday

Turks Head

1982 Wellington joined the league from Liverpool

1982-83  Winner Division 2

1989  Moved to Liverpool St Helenes RUFC as Griffin Magpies

1990  Changed name to LSH

1993  Moved to the Seven Stars as Seven Stars

2001  Moved to the Abbey Hotel as Abbey Saints

2001-02  Runner up Division 2

2003-04  Winner Division 2

               Winner MQL Rendon Cup

2004-05  Winner Handicap Knockout

2005-06  Winner Division 2

2009-10  Runner up Handicap Knockout

2010-11  Runner up Handicap Knockout

2011-12  Runner up Division 2

2013-14  Runner up Division 2

               Runner up Handicap Knockout

2014-15  Runner up Division 2

2017-18 Winner Division 2

              Winner Mini League 2A

              Winner Handicap Knockout Plate

              Runner up MQL Rendon Cup

2019      Moved to the Turks Head as Turks Head Saints

2021-22 Winner Handicap Knockout Plate

2022-23 Winner Division 2

              Winner Handicap Knockout Plate

2023-24 Winner Division 2

              Winner Handicap League

              Winner Handicap Knockout 

              Winner MQL Rendon Cup