Ormskirk Quiz League

A member of the Merseyside Quiz Leagues

This began as The Inter City and Towns in 1965 and was renamed in 1970. All leagues competed in one competition until the introduction of divisions by merit rather than geographically within each league which led to many uneven matches. In 1978 only teams from the first divisions of each of the six leagues played in the Trophy. The President's Shield was inaugurated for all divisions other than the first in each league.

President's Trophy

Ormskirk's first success was in 1988-1989 with 8 wins from 10 matches, finishing five points clear at the top. Leading players were Andy Francis, Jim Maloney, Peter Richardson, Anthony Martin and George Lucy.

The next success was in 2006-2007 when an amazingly successful run began. Ormskirk won in twelve of the next sixteen seasons. Leading players were Pat Gibson, Ray Oakes, Phil Duffy and John Wilson.

President's Shield

Ormskirk entered for the first time in 2018-2019 sharing the title with Wirral 2. In 2019-2020 Ormskirk won the Shield and the Presidential Challenge. Leading players were Bill Gerrard, Francis Williams, Alf Westwell and Alan Thompson.