Ormskirk Quiz League

A member of the Merseyside Quiz Leagues

  Winner Runner(s) Up
2023-24 Mike Unsworth Eric Lupton
2022-23 David Hodgson Alan Gibbs / Eric Lupton / John Wilson
2021-22 Darren Martin Alan Gibbs / John Wilson
2020-21 Season Cancelled  
2019-20 Pat Gibson Darren Martin / John Wilson
2018-19 Pat Gibson Darren Martin
2017-18 Pat Gibson Darren Martin / Bill Gerrard
2016-17 Pat Gibson Alan Gibbs
2015-16 John Wilson Pat Gibson
2014-15 John Wilson Pat Gibson
2013-14 Pat Gibson Karl Whelan
2012-13 Darren Martin Pat Gibson
2011-12 Pat Gibson Darren Martin / Alan Gibbs
2010-11 John Wilson Ray Oakes
2009-10 Ray Oakes Eric Lupton
2008-09 Ray Oakes Phil Duffy/Pat Gibson
2007-08 Phil Duffy Pat Gibson / John Wilson
2006-07 Ray Oakes Pat Gibson
2005-06 Pat Gibson Phil Duffy
2004-05 Pat Gibson  
2003-04 Pat Gibson Phil Duffy  two from Mike Unsworth  Malc MacKinder Dave Boyd
2002-03 George Clarkson  Pat Gibson      Madeline Evans Phil Duffy
2001-02 Phil Duffy  
2000-01 Colin Pilkington Peter Richardson     Charles Johnson    Malc MacKinder
1999-00 Malc MacKinder Peter Richardson    David Hodgson Colin Pilkington
1998-99 Charles Johnson   
1997-98 Colin Pilkington  
1996-97 Julian Worker  
1995-96 Colin Pilkington  
1994-95 Charles Johnson Norman Green  Colin Pilkington Peter Richardson 
1993-94 Charles Johnson Peter Richardson 
1992-93 Colin Pilkington  Julian Worker
1991-92 Anthony Martin finalists Peter Richardson, Janet Crompton, Julian Worker
1990-91 Alan Wynne  Colin Pilkington  Janet Crompton  Norman Green
1989-90 Anthony Martin Mal Collier 
1988-89 Peter Richardson Anthony Martin
1987-88 Peter Richardson Mal Collier
1986-87 Mark Turner  
1985-86 Anthony Martin  Peter Richardson
1984-85 Anthony Martin  Peter Richardson
1983-84 Peter Richardson John Morris
1982-83 Anthony Martin Norman Green  George Lucy  Tony Hammond
1981-82 Bob Woodcock  Peter Richardson  John Morris  Tony Hammond
1980-81 Peter Richardson Anthony Martin    John Morris    Derek Townley  
1979-80 Jim Maloney  
1978-79 John Morris Anthony Martin  Ian Wells  Peter Evans
1977-78 **  

** Four Ormskirk representatives at MQL event: Peter Evans, Peter Richardson, Ian Wells, Tony Hammond.

Thanks to Malc MacKinder and Andy Francis for supplying historic data.