Ormskirk Quiz League

A member of the Merseyside Quiz Leagues

The Golden Lion

Church Road


WA11 8HE

07395 162002


Golden Lion Rainford

Secretary   Dave Boyd

Home night  Monday

1970  Rainford joined the league for the first season playing at the Golden Lion

1972  Moved to the Eagle and Child as Eagle and Child

1974  Moved the the Derby Arms as Helenians

1974-75  Runner up Division 1

               Winner Charity League

1976-77  Winner Charity League

1986-87  Winner Division 2

1989  Moved to the Star Inn

1989-90  Runner up Division 2

1991-92  Winner Division 2

1995-96  Winner Charity League

1996-97  Winner Charity League

1998-99  Winner Charity League

2001-02  Winner Charity League

2002  Changed name to Helios

2005-06  Winner Charity League

2006  Moved to Rainford Ex Servicemen's Club as Helenians

2010-11  Runner up Charity League

2008  Moved to the Colliers Arms

2013-14  Runner up Charity League

2014-15  Runner up Charity League

2021    Moved to the Golden Lion 

2021-22 Winner Handicap Knockout