Ormskirk Quiz League

A member of the Merseyside Quiz Leagues

Round 1 October 23/24
A Rugby Hounds v Scarecrows
B Helenians v Newburgh Lions
C Greyhound v Colly Wobblers
D Delph Tavern v Hayfield Gang
E Turks Head Saints v Turks Head Sinners
  Ormskirk Theatre Company   Bye
Round 2 December 4/5
F Rugby Hounds v Newburgh Lions
G Colly Wobblers v Delph Tavern
H Turks Head Saints v Ormskirk Theatre Company
Semi-Finals and Final March 25 at Delph Tavern
  Colly Wobblers v Rugby Hounds
  Turks Head Saints v Rugby Hounds
Plate Round 1 December 4/5
I Scarecrows v Helenians
J Greyhound v Hayfield Gang
K Turks Head Sinners   Bye
Semi-Finals and Final March 25 at Turks Head
  Hayfield Gang  withdrew    
  Turks Head Sinners v Helenians