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Highlights Week 14

Division 1:- Despite losing to Newburgh Lions, Delph Tavern, for whom Sue Perks scored13, remain top on points difference from Newburgh Lions; Darren Martin scoring 16 for the winners. Colly Wobblers, for whom Mike Unsworth scored 17 lost to Rugby Hounds with Eric Lupton scoring 16 and Tony Robinson 15 for the winners. Thanks to 19 from John Wilson and 17 from Ritchie Venner, Greyhound overcame Turks Head Sinners, for whom Peter Duffy scored 16 and Bill Gerrard 13.

Division 2:- Ormskirk Theatre Company remain unbeaten after their win over Scarecrows; Alan Thompson and Gordon Richards each scored 13 for the winners, while Barry Marshall contributed 14 to Scarecrows score. Despite an impressive 21 points from Rob Jones, Hayfield Gang lost by the narrowest of margins to Turks Head Saints, for whom Kevin Walton scored 13; as a result Turks Head Saints remain top on points difference from Ormskirk Theatre Company.

President’s Shield

Ormskirk continued the season with one win and one defeat, beating Warrington, 46-34 with 17 from Peter Duffy and 16 from Bill Gerrard, but losing to Liverpool 2B, 41-48.

Highlights Week 13

Division 1:- All teams played a tough quiz, where the highest aggregate score was 74.   Newburgh Lions, thanks to 17 from Darren Martin, overcame strong rivals Greyhound, for whom Ritchie Venner scored 15. 13 points each from Tom Evans and Sue Perks was enough for Delph Tavern to comfortably beat Colly Wobblers. Rugby Hounds, even though Eric Lupton scored 14 lost to Turks Head Sinners, for whom Bill Gerrard and Peter Duffy scored 12 each. 

Division 2:-19 points from Alan Thompson helped Ormskirk Theatre Company overcome Helenians, whose leading scorer was Bob Foster with 12 points. Despite 14 from Martin Burke, Hayfield Gang lost to Scarecrows, for whom Janet Crompton scored 16 and Barry Marshall 13.

Highlights Week 12

Division 1:-  Despite 19 points from Jim Maloney, Newburgh Lions lost to Colly Wobblers for whom Ian Barlow scored 13.  13 points each from Sue Perks and Tom Evans ensured Delph Tavern’s victory over Turks Head Sinners, for whom Francis Williams scored 12. An impressive 20 points from John Wilson, greatly helped Greyhound overcome Rugby Hounds, for whom Eric Lupton scored a very creditable 19 points.

Division 2:- Despite 12 points each from Matt Cochrane and Rob Jones, Hayfield Gang lost to Helenians, with Bob Foster scoring 15 for the winners. Turks Head Saints, thanks to 16 from Charles Johnson and 12 from Clive Walton had a convincing win over Scarecrows. 

Merseyside Challenge Cup

Both Ormskirk teams were defeated in their final group matches so qualify for the quarter finals as runner up in their group. Colly Wobblers gained a bonus point with a 40-44 loss to WSC (Warrington) despite 16 from Pat Gibson. Greyhound lost 41-52 to Cricketers (Liverpool) with John Wilson scoring 16.

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