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Peter Richardson

There are some fine tributes to Peter in pass, the magazine of the Mastermind Club.

MQL Competitions 1

In the first match of the season in the Presidents Trophy Ormskirk beat Liverpool 33-32.

The first matches in the Merseyside Challenge Cup took place on Wednesday October 3rd.

1 Metros 42-32 Baltic Fleet
1 Oxton Cons 47-43 Wallaseyans
2 Old Dog 55-31 Bishop Eton
2 Colly Wobblers       29-29 Triangle                    
3 Unison                       53-29 Wandering Star        
3 Greyhound             27-38 Rainhill Victoria       
4 Wings                       51-32 St Charles                
4 Wheatsheaf 33-32 Exiles


Phil Duffy

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the death of well known Ormskirk League player Phil Duffy.

Phil, who has been ill for some time, was quizzing until very recently as a member of current Division 1 champions Unison.

Phil joined the Ormskirk League when his team moved from the Warrington League, having previously played in the Liverpool League.

Under the guises of Carr Mill, Top Nogs and Unison they were never out of the top two, winning the title on four occasions.

Phil won the MIMIR Trophy in 2004, having won it previously in 1997. He was a regular in the Ormskirk final, winning in 2008.

He represented Ormskirk in the Presidents' Trophy on many occasions contributing much to the Ormskirk success in recent years.

A willing traveller around the country to take part in quizzes, he appeared on many TV and radio shows, including winning ITV's 'The Chase' shown below.

A nice man and a superb quizzer, he will be sorely missed.





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