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Highlights Week 16

Division 1:- Unison remain top after their win over Helenians, Darren Martin was top scorer with 16. An impressive 24 points and ‘full house’ from John Wilson secured the victory for Greyhound over Abbey Sinners for whom Bill Gerrard scored 16 and Francis Williams 17. Eric Lupton’s 17 points was just enough for Rugby Hounds to beat Squigglers. In the other game Robin Hood won the day over Newburgh Lions. 

Division 2:- Red Lion Bulldogs, for whom Steve Garrett scored 19, drew with Aughton Institute; John Hesketh scoring 17 for Aughton.  22 points from Mike Wall and 15 from Rob Green greatly helped Benchwarmers overcome Ormskirk Farmers. OCC beat Parbold Exiles thanks to16 points from Jackie Birchall. Whippet remain top after their victory over Gang of Four; Debbie Davidson scored 15 for the winners and Rob Jones 21 for the losers.

Highlights Week 15

Division 1:- Unison reclaimed top spot after their win over Abbey Saints, Dave Kenrick (17) and Darren Martin (15) led the scoring for Unison.  20 points from Sue Perks helped Robin Hood overcome Squigglers for whom Janet Crompton scored 15. In a close game Helenians came out on top against Abbey Sinners; Dave Boyd scoring 15 for the winners and Bill Gerrard 19 for the losers.

Division 2:- Ormskirk Tennis Club beat OCC thanks to a staggering 29 points from Paul Prior. 17 points from Mike Wall helped Benchwarmers overcome Aughton Institute. In the other game Parbold Exiles won the day against Ormskirk Farmers.

Highlights Week 14

Division 1:- 23 points from Pat Gibson and 15 from Andy McGowan helped Colly Wobblers overcome Unison; Colly Wobblers now head the table.  Despite 22 points from Jim Maloney Newburgh Lions lost to Abbey Sinners by the narrowest of margins. Greyhound beat Squigglers thanks to 17 from John Wilson and 15 from Tony Grieco

Division 2:- Whippet stay top after their win over OCC, thanks to 15 points each from Brian Yates and Charlie McAuley. Jim Dawber’s 15 points helped Parbold  Exiles overcome Aughton Institute. 22 points from Paul Prior and 16 from Sarah Lawton helped Ormskirk Tennis Club to victory Ormskirk Farmers.

Highlights Week 13

Division 1:- Unison stay top after their victory over Rugby Hounds ; Darren Martin scored an impressive 25 points for the winners while Colin McDonald scored 16 for the losers. Jim Maloney’s 19 points was enough to help Newburgh Lions overcome a depleted Helenians team for whom Mike Flaherty scored 16. Squigglers beat Abbey Sinners; Janet Crompton scoring 20 for Squigglers and Bill Gerrard 18 for the Sinners. Pat Gibson’s 16 points helped Colly Wobblers overcome Abbey Saints.

Division 2:- Whippet stay top after their win over Ormskirk Farmers; Debbie Davidson scored 18 for the winners. Gang of Four stay a point behind after winning their match with Red Lion Bulldogs for whom Steve Garrett scored 15. Mainly due to excellent 24 points from Paul Prior, Ormskirk Tennis Club beat Aughton Institute.


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