Ormskirk Quiz League

A member of the Merseyside Quiz Leagues

Thirty players and guests from eight teams gathered at Aughton Institute. Two handout quizzes were attempted as the draw for the twelve pairs was made.

After the answer sheets were marked the scores ranging from 27 to 38 out of 40 were announced. 

The six qualifying pairs for the semi-final were Darren Martin (Newburgh Lions) and Mike Critchley (Turks Head Saints), Andy McGowan (Colly Wobblers) and Rosemary Lyon (Newburgh Lions), Ian Barlow (Colly Wobblers) and Mike Flaherty (Helenians), Alan Thompson (Ormskirk Theatre Company) and Barbara Flaherty (Turks Head Saints), Charles Johnson (Turks Head Saints) and Peter Jones (Scarecrows), Eric Lupton (Rugby Hounds) and Magnus Brass (Scarecrows).

After spoken answers to 50 questions Charles and Peter, Ian and Mike, Eric and Magnus qualified for the final.

After 32 further questions congratulations to winners Eric Lupton (Rugby Hounds) and Magnus Brass (Scarecrows).

A raffle raised £51 for Age UK Lancashire. Players who have won many individual trophies allowed the League to donate the equivalent cost to charity.

Photos of Trophy winners are here.


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