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Tribute to Andy from Roger Webster who was Andy's Dean of Faculty.

I’m very sorry to hear of Andy’s death - a lovely person and always very committed to his work, as well as his outside interests. 

Andy was for many years a Senior Lecturer in Human Geography in the Department of Social Sciences at Liverpool Polytechnic, which then became Liverpool John Moores University in 1992.  He always had a strong interest in the quality of academic programmes, in terms of their validation and review processes.  This resulted in his becoming Faculty Quality Officer in the new Faculty of Media, Arts, and Social Science - that would be around 2004 or 2005 or so from memory, and he continued in this role until his retirement.  This entailed overseeing all of the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the Faculty - a very considerable number covering a wide range of subjects; I think we had some 4 to 5 thousand students then. He had to engage with a lot of external bodies for review, both academic and professional.  He was always a model of exemplary academic management in its best sense, not being heavy-handed or overly bureaucratic in spite of the complexity and detail required in the effective discharge of his role.  He was much liked by staff and students.  I always had complete confidence in everything he did, and he was always totally reliable.  He always retained a sense of humour, whether about football (I seem to recollect that he was an Evertonian which led to much banter in the Faculty Office!) or other areas - and was good company - a much respected colleague.