Ormskirk Quiz League

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MQL Feeny Cup

Colly Wobblers will play in the Final on May 1 at Fleetwood Hesketh in Southport in a round robin against two Liverpool teams, Kluggers and Victorian Cricketers. They were unbeaten in their round robin qualifying group, beating Yarboroughs (Warrington) 51-36 (Pat Gibson 24), Gladly Stoned (Wirral) 52-42 (Gary Grant 19, Pat Gibson 17) and Aigburth Swans (Liverpool) 54-33 (Pat Gibson 20).

Unison played in a three team group, beating Oxton Cons(Wirral) 52-39 (Darren Martin 22), but losing 42-43 to Kluggers.

Greyhound beat Wings (S&F) 56-47 (John Wilson 21), but lost to Victorian Cricketers 42-54 and Woodlands (Warrington) 44-52 (John Wilson 19).

MQL Rendon Cup

The final on May 1 will be at Fleetwood Hesketh in Southport between two Ormskirk teams, Abbey Sinners and Rugby Hounds. Sinners beat Six Pack (Warrington) 43-37 led by Bill Gerrard with 15. Rugby Hounds played a round robin, winning both matches, 41-37 against Wallaseyans (Wirral) and 45-38 against Groundhogs (Liverpool) with all four players scoring well in both matches. 

Presentation Night

Forty seven people attended representing 14 of our 19 teams.

In the Plate Final Squigglers could not quite make up a 19 point handicap despite 17 from Barry Marshall so the winners were Bispham Farmers Arms 73-67.

In the Don Liptrot Trophy Final Rugby Hounds had caught up a 19 point handicap by the end of round 7. Round 8 was drawn, so an extra round was played which Legion Lions won, giving a final score of 67-65. David Hodgson scored 21+3 for the losers.

The trophies were presented by Jim Maloney, now of Newburgh Lions, who played for two of our strongest teams Old Dog and Rex Lions since joining the league in 1979.

Photos here

Highlights Don Liptrot Trophy Semi Finals

Cup semi-finals :- Rugby Hounds had a 2 point start over Robin Hood,  but didn’t need it, emerging the winners by nine;  Mike Preston of Robin Hood top scored with 16. In the other semi-final, Helenians were unable to pull back the 20 point start on Legion Lions, losing eventually by 3 points; Steve Garrett scored an impressive 21 points for the winners. As a result the Handicap final will be between Rugby Hounds and Legion Lions.

Plate semi-finals :- Abbey Saints, despite 15 from Barbara Flaherty, were not able to hold on to their advantage of 2 points over Squigglers, succumbing 9-3 in the last round to lose by three; Janet Crompton contributed 18 points to Squigglers score. In the other semi-final, Bispham Farmers Arms increased their start of five points over Ormskirk Theatre Company, to seven by the end of the game; Jim Dawber scored 15 for the winners. And so Squigglers will play Bispham Farmers Arms in the Plate final next Monday. 

MQL Feeny Cup / Rendon Cup

Three Ormskirk teams - Unison, Greyhound and Colly Wobblers will play in the MQL Feeny Cup on Wednesday April 10.

Greyhound will play at home in a group against teams from Liverpool, Southport & Formby and Warrington.

The first matches will start at 8 o'clock.

Spectators and offers to score are most welcome.

Abbey Sinners and Rugby Hounds will play in the MQL Rendon Cup on the same night.

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