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MIMIR Merseyside

Six Ormskirk players took part, three of whom Alan Gibbs (Unison), Paul McAteer (Robin Hood) and Bill Gerrard (Turks Head Sinners) qualified for the second round. Only Alan made it to the semi-final, but unfortunately did not qualify for the final. Full details here.

Highlights Handicap Cup Finals

In the cup final Hayfield Gang began with a lead of ten over Scarecrows and held their own throughout winning in the end by 11 points. High scorers were Barry Marshall (15) and Janet Crompton (14) for Scarecrows and Rob Jones (12) for Hayfield.

The Plate final was a much tighter affair; Turks Head Saints and Ormskirk Tennis Club began level on handicap and the Tennis Club led for five rounds but the Saints caught them in the sixth and after eight rounds the scores were level so a 9th round had to be played with the Saints winning it 6-5. Top scorers were Paul Prior (21) for the Tennis Club and Barbara Flaherty (15) and Kevin Walton (13) for the Saints.

Congratulations to the winners of both competitions.

Presidential Challenge

Ormskirk won the semifinal against Liverpool 2a 45-37 with Bill Gerrard scoring 18. Unfortunately in the final Ormskirk lost to Liverpool 2b 44-48. Bill scoring 18 again. The season ends with two second place finishes,

Highlights Handicap Cup Semi-finals

Cup :- Hayfield Gang began with a 14 point start on Rugby Hounds and won by five; Matt Cochrane scored 17 for the winners while Eric Lupton added 20 to Rugby Hounds’ score. Scarecrows had a five point start on Robin Hood and ended up winning by seven. Top scorers were Janet Crompton (19) for Scarecrows and Paul McAteer (15) for Robin Hood.

Plate :- 22 points from Paul Prior assured Ormskirk Tennis Club’s win over Colly Wobblers, for whom Mike Unsworth scored 23. The Tennis Club had a 6 point start and won by three. Helenians began with a lead of seven over Turks Head Saints but lost by four; Barbara Flaherty (20) and Kevin Walton (14) top scored for the winners.

Hence the Handicap Cup Final will be:- Hayfield Gang         v    Scarecrows

and the Plate Final :-                             Turks Head Saints    v    Ormskirk Tennis Club

Both matches to be played next Monday 20th March. 

Merseyside Challenge Cup

Colly Wobblers have qualified for the final after a 54-47 semifinal victory over Ringers (Warrington), in which all four players achieved double figure scores led by Pat Gibson with 18.

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