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Brain of Britain

Congratulations to Darren Martin from Unison who won the first semifinal on BBC Radio 4. He was in the lead throughout the contest, ending with 14 points, with his nearest two rivals on 11.

If you missed the recording it is available on the iplayer until Saturday night and can be downloaded as a podcast.

President's Trophy

In their final game of the season, in which the team are unbeaten, Champions elect Ormskirk beat Warrington by 45 points to 31. Leading scorers were Pat Gibson with 19 and John Wilson with 11.

Week 19

Div 1 . Wins for top four. Helenians move up the table with their win over Farmers Arms. Top score 20 by John Wilson for Old Dog.
In Div 2 Gang of Four and Ormskirk Tennis Club both win again to pull further away at the top. Excellent win for Red Lion (Burscough) over Ormskirk Famers moves them up the table. Top scorers were Gordon Richards with 23 for Aughton Institute and Paul Prior with 22 for Ormskirk Tennis Club.

MIMIR Trophy Ormskirk heat

Sixteen players entered this year's contest at the Greyhound in Ormskirk last Thursday.

The semifinal results were

Match 1                                                                              Match 2

Paul Prior  15                                                                     Alan Gibbs  17

Darren Martin  13                                                              Pat Gibson  14  after playoff

John Wilson  12                                                                 Ray Oakes  14

Charles Johnson  7                                                            Karl Whelan  10

A closely fought final saw Darren Martin win his first Ormskirk MIMIR title.

Darren Martin  15

Pat Gibson  14

Alan Gibbs 12

Paul Prior  9

Special mention must go to Paul Prior from second division Ormskirk Tennis Club for reaching the final and thus qualifying for the Merseyside heat next month.


Brain of Britain

Darren Martin from Unison is in the first semi final which will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Monday February 18th at 3 pm. The repeat is on Saturday at 11 pm. It will be available on iplayer for a week after that. It can also be downloaded as a podcast.

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