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Highlights Week 11

Division 1 :-Old Dog stay top after a win over Rugby Hounds; John Wilson scored 19 for Old Dog and David Hodgson 15 for Rugby Hounds. Unison, thanks to 22 from Darren Martin, had a narrow victory over Colly Wobblers for whom Andy McGowan scored 16. Despite 18 from Jim Maloney, Newburgh Lions lost to Greyhound. Squigglers beat Farmers Arms thanks to 17 from Janet Crompton. Helenians move from the bottom of the table after a much needed win over Ormskirk Tennis Club.

Division 2 : Abbey Sinners remain top and unbeaten after a win over Red Lion Bulldogs, Bill Gerrard scoring 15 for the winners. Abbey Saints stay second after their win over Ormskirk Farmers. Gordon Richard’s 17 points ensured Aughton Institute a win over Whippet.

Highlights Week 10

Division 1 :-With Old Dog’s game postponed, Unison, thanks to 20 points and a ‘full house’ from Darren Martin beat Rugby Hounds and move to within 4 points of the leaders.  In a postponed game, Greyhound beat Helenians, Andy Francis registering an impressive 24 points. Charles Johnson’s 21 points helped Farmers Arms to a victory over Colly Wobblers. In spite of 17 from Roy Atherton and 16 from Sue Perks Robin Hood lost to Squigglers for whom Brian Fitton scored 15; Squigglers stay third on points difference. In their second game of the week Greyhound beat Ormskirk Tennis Club for whom Paul Prior scored 20 points.

Division 2 :  Abbey Sinners, thanks to 15 from Bill Gerrard, stay top after a win over Parbold Exiles, for whom Jim Dawber scored 18. Gang of Four are now equal second after their comfortable win over Benchwarmers, who are still without a win. Also equal second are Whippet after their narrow win over Ormskirk Theatre Company; Brian Yates scoring 15 for Whippet and Andy Hawkes 17 for the Theatre Company. Red Lion Bulldogs and OCC drew, Maggie Della Cerra scoring 15 for Red Lion.

Highlights Week 9

Division 1 :- A three man Old Dog team had a comfortable win over Ormskirk Tennis Club and stay well clear at the top of the table; John Wilson 18, Pat Gibson 17 and Andy Page 15 were Old Dog’s contributors. 16 points from Sue Perks helped Robin Hood to victory over Helenians. Unison had a comfortable win over Newburgh Lions thanks to 19 points from Alan Gibbs and 17 from Darren Martin; Jim Maloney contributed 15 to Newburgh’s score. In a postponed game Squigglers beat a three man Greyhound by a single point; Mal Collier and Tony Grieco scoring 20 and 15 respectively for Greyhound, Brian Fitton replying with 16 for Squigglers. Squigglers, despite 21points from Janet Crompton, lost their other game to Colly Wobblers.

Division 2 : Abbey Sinners remain unbeaten and move to the top of the table with a win over Benchwarmers, Francis Sephton scoring 16 for the winners. In a game where the aggregate score was higher than any first division match on Monday, Gang of Four beat Abbey Saints thanks to 18 points from Rob Jones. Despite an excellent 17 points from Gary Lambert, Ormskirk Farmers lost by the narrowest of margins to Ormskirk Theatre Company. Parbold Exiles overcame OCC thanks largely to 22 points from Jim Dawber. Whippet,with to all four players scoring double figures,beat Red Lion Bulldogs.

Highlights Week 8

Division 1 :- Despite 22 points from Paul Prior, Ormskirk Tennis Club lost to Unison for whom Darren Martin scored17 points. 20 points from Charles Johnson was a major factor in Farmers Arms’ victory over Newburgh Lions. Squigglers, thanks to 16 points from Brian Fitton, overcame Helenians. Greyhound returned to winning ways beating Robin Hood; Andy Francis and Mal Collier scored 17 each for the winners. 14 points from Bruce Covey helped Rugby Hounds to victory over Colly Wobblers.

Division 2 :- Abbey Saints, for whom Barbara Flaherty scored 17, stay top after an easy win over Benchwarmers. Abbey Sinners maintained their 100% record with a win over OCC. Whippet had the narrowest of wins over Parbold Exiles; Brian Yates scored 18 for Whippet and Jim Dawber 16 for the Exiles.


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