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Highlights Week 6

Division 1 :-  Unison remain unbeaten at the top of the table, after their victory over Rugby Hounds, with Darren Martin leading the scoring for the winners with an impressive 21 points. In the match between Colly Wobblers and Turks Head Sinners, the teams were level going into the last round, but Colly Wobblers won the final round 7-3 to win the game; Bill Gerrard scored 21 for the Sinners as did Pat Gibson for the winners. 17 points from Paul Prior was the difference in Ormskirk Tennis Club’s win over Helenians.  Greyhound, thanks to John Wilson’s 20 points, won the day against Newburgh Lions. Robin Hood, for whom Sue Perks scored 20, beat Turks Head Saints. 

Division 2 :-  14 points from Steve Garrett made the difference in Legion Lion’s win over Ormskirk Farmers. Whippet maintained their 100% record with a win over Aughton Institute; Gordon Richards scoring 18 for the winners.   An impressive 24 points from Janet Crompton enabled Squigglers’ victory over Gang of Four.   Ormskirk Theatre Company, thanks to 15 points from Alan Thompson, beat Bispham Farmers Arms.

Highlights Week 5

Division 1 :- A remarkable 24 points from David Sinclair and 15 from Colin Shaw, ensured a three man Newburgh Lion’s win over Turks Head Saints, for whom Barbara Flaherty scored 18.   18 points each from Pat Gibson and Mike Unsworth helped Colly Wobblers overcome Robin Hood.   Unison beat Ormskirk Tennis Club and remain top on points difference; Darren Martin scored 15 for the winners.   An impressive 24 points from Bill Gerrard earned Turks Head Sinners a victory over Rugby Hounds.   Greyhound remain in third place after a win over Helenians; John Wilson scoring 16 for Greyhound. 

Division 2 :- 16 points from Jeff Cullen and 15 from Jim Dawber helped Bispham Farmers Arms overcome Ormskirk Farmers.    Whippet are still unbeaten after a comfortable win over Ormskirk Theatre Company; Debbie Davidson (18), Peter Duffy (17) and Brian Yates (15) scored well for the winners while Alan Thompson (18) did likewise for the losers.  20 points from Janet Crompton made the difference in Squiggler’s win over Benchwarmers; Rob Green scored 12 for Benchwarmers.   Despite 12 points from Steve Garrett a three man Legion Lions were unable to overhaul Gang of Four. 

President’s Shield

In the second evening of matches Ormskirk returned to the familiar pattern from previous seasons - lost one and won one. In the first match they were narrowly beaten 39-42 by Liverpool 2B. Ormskirk then beat Southport & Formby 40-29 with a contribution of 18 from Bill Gerrard.

Highlights Week 4

Division 1 :- Unison remain top after a comfortable win over Helenians; Darren Martin and Charles Johnson both scored 16 for the winners.  Despite 17 points from Sue Perks, Robin Hood lost by the narrowest of margins to Rugby Hounds for whom David Hodgson contributed 16 points. 18 points from David Sinclair wasn’t enough to secure Newburgh Lions a win over Colly Wobblers; Mike Unsworth (16) and Pat Gibson (15) led the scoring for the winners. An impressive 21 points from Phil McConnell saw Ormskirk Tennis Club home against Turks Head Sinners, for whom Bill Gerrard scored 18. 18 points from Mal Collier was the difference in Greyhound’s win over Turks Head Saints; Barbara Flaherty scored 15 for the Saints. 

Division 2 :- 17 points from Andrew Sackville and 12 from Rob Jones greatly helped Gang of Four to overcome Ormskirk Farmers.  19 points from Steve Garrett was a major factor in Legion Lions first win of the season over Benchwarmers. Whippet maintained their 100% record with a win over Bispham Farmers Arms; Debbie Davidson scored 16 for the winners and Jim Dawber 15 for Bispham. An impressive 19 points from Janet Crompton saw Squigglers home against Aughton Institute.

MQL Buzzer Quiz

An Ormskirk team comprising Madeline Evans and Alan Gibbs (both Unison), Pat Gibson (Colly Wobblers) and Alan Thompson (Ormskirk Theatre Company) took part in the second MQL Buzzer Quiz in Liverpool on Saturday. The 20 teams from all over the country were divided into four pools of 5 for the morning matches. Ormskirk, together with two other teams, won 3 of their 4 matches and qualified as pool winner, in 4th place overall. The afternoon results were almost identical so Ormskirk qualified for the semi finals where Bolton were defeated 450 to 320. The final against Lancaster was much closer with Ormskirk winning the Cup 470 to 435.

Pat Gibson won the Best Individual Trophy, based on average individual scores, per starter question faced.

The final and the trophy presentation can be viewed here.

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