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Highlights Week 7

Division 1:- On Monday all the teams who went first won. Unison, despite 16 from Charles Johnson lost to Whippet, for whom Debbie Davidson also scored 16. 18 points from Jim Maloney helped Newburgh Lions overcome Squigglers. Also Helenians beat Robin Hood. 20 points from Pat Gibson greatly helped Colly Wobblers who beat Rugby Hounds. John Wilson’s 20 points ensured Greyhound’s win over Ormskirk Tennis Club for whom Phil McConnell scored 16.

Division 2 :- In the top of the table clash, Gang of Four, thanks to 14 points from Andrew Sackville, narrowly beat Abbey Saints for whom Kevin Walton scored 15. As a result Gang of Four return to the top and remain unbeaten.   Ian Bakewell’s 15 points was a major factor in Aughton Institute’s win over Legion Lions. An excellent 17 points from Frank Molyneux enabled Ormskirk Farmers’ win over Parbold Exiles. Benchwarmers lost to  Ormskirk Theatre Company thanks to 15 points from Alan Thompson.


Andrew Sackville (Gang of Four) has recently appeared on two editions of the BBC quiz Pointless with his younger daughter Alison. Although they did not progress beyond the second round Andrew scored a pointless answer by naming R A Butler as a postwar Cabinet Minister whose name has six letters or fewer.

Only Connect

John Wilson (Greyhound) is appearing in the current series as a member of a team called Vikings. The latest match is available on iplayer.

President's Trophy

In the second evening of matches Ormskirk beat Warrington, on a set of questions that suited neither team, by 30-25. In the second match Ormskirk narrowly lost 43-46 to Liverpool, John Wilson contributing 15 of the points. Ormskirk lead the table with 5 points from 4 matches, just ahead of Liverpool (4 points from 2 matches) and Southport & Formby (4 points from 4 matches).

Highlights Week 6

Division 1:- 17 points from David Sinclair helped Newburgh Lions to a draw with Colly Wobblers who remain top.   All four Greyhound players scored in double figures as they went on to beat Rugby Hounds. 17 points from Alf Westwell enabled Helenians’ win over Squigglers, for whom Janet Crompton scored 15.  18 points from Charles Johnson and 15 from Darren Martin assured Unison’s victory over Ormskirk Tennis Club. Robin Hood, thanks to 17 from Barbara Phillips, saw off Whippet. 

Division 2 :- Despite 16 points from Rob Green, Benchwarmers lost to Ormskirk Farmers. 16 points from Barbara Flaherty and 13 from Kevin Walton helped Abbey Saints overcome Ormskirk Theatre Company for whom Alan Thompson scored 14. Bill Gerrard’s 18 points was a major factor in Abbey Sinners’ win over Legion Lions; Steve Garrett contributed 13 to the Legion’s total. In the other game Parbold Exiles beat Aughton Institute.

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